Hiew Chok Sien


I have extensive experience in organisation leadership and project management. I began my career in the consulting line in Accenture, working with financial services clients in deploying nationwide IT solutions. I later entered the oil and gas industry and worked on IT projects with Shell. These projects involve collaborating with diverse international teams and a complex network of stakeholders and vendors. I strategised and executed regional deployment activities to Shell offices and petrol stations in multiple countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Pakistan. From a program management specialisation, I moved on to expand my roles further, joining corporate leadership teams and playing a key part in setting company direction.

I have worked at multinational companies and young start-ups, across different company cultures. I believe that to be successful, be it as an organisation or an individual, one must bring value to its customers and to society at large. I believe in people development. A successful organisation is one with a clear mission, where its people are aligned to the same goal and are empowered to perform their best. I founded Simplify People to help organisations develop high performance cultures.

Email: cs@simplifypeople.com

Phone: +60 17 326 8374

WhatsApp: +60 17 326 8374

Skype: hiewchoksien

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